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In the residential real estate world, there is nothing quite as disheartening as listing your home for sale only to discover that nobody cares. Even in a robust market, there are still mistakes committed that keep the purchasers from coming. If your property is languishing and failing to generate internet hits and showings, you must sit down with your Realtor to find out why.

Here are a few common missteps that are guaranteed to keep buyers away:

        1. The property is too difficult to show.

While it may be inconvenient to vacate the house at a moment’s notice for a showing, it is a necessary sacrifice when you are trying to sell your home. Be ready to grab your keys, kids and pets to vacate the premises when your agent calls. When buyers’ agents are putting together an itinerary of showings for their clients, listings that require several days’ notice with complicated instructions often end up at the bottom of the pile. You will have to be flexible when it comes to showing your home. In addition, you will also need to remain accessible via phone, email or text messaging. In the event that your agent receives an offer, you’ll want to be the first to hear about it.

        2. The marketing is poor.
Every house has a buyer and the marketing of the property must be directed at the appropriate target audience. Nowadays, it is imperative that a home has a strong online presence on numerous websites with quality photos that will entice viewers to want to see more. If the local agents and buyers in your community do not know that the property is for sale, then it is not being marketed properly. A successful Realtor will know how to market correctly so as to emphasize its best features and strong points.

        3. The home is overpriced.

This is the most common reason properties remain on the market too long and fail to attract consumers. In order to have any shot at a quick sale, a home has to be priced right. Overpricing usually occurs when buyers purchase during a peak in the market and cannot accept the economic reality that prices sometimes fall. Every so often, homeowners fail to understand that sentimental attachment does not necessarily translate to a higher price tag. Today’s well-informed house shoppers will only pay for what a property is worth.

The best way to avoid a lengthy listing on the MLS is to work with a knowledgeable local Realtor who will view your home as the valuable financial asset that it is and help you price it accurately, make it accessible and presentable for showings, and market it to a suitable buyers' pool.

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